head about us

Carpet Maker (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is gaining a reputation as the most reliable high-end
custom made carpet manufacturer. With more than 26 years' experience, we know how to cover a floor.

Established in 1986 by our Managing Director, Mr. Soonthorn Kraitrakul, Carpet Maker (Thailand)
arose from his innate fascination with the intricacy and exquisite craftsmanship of villagers
in Northeastern Thailand. He selected a 22-acre site in Ban Phai, Khon Kaen province
to establish his first hand-tufted carpet factory with an initial staff of only 7 workers.

Determined to refute the legacy of child labor and local exploitation in Thailand, Carpet Maker (Thailand),
set out to provide a stable working environment for underprivileged citizens of the northeastern provinces
and to increase opportunities for skilled laborers. This provided a new path for local craftsmen.
Instead of following the decades-long migration of provincial workers with little choice other than to leave
their families behind to scratch for a living in Bangkok, locals could now find success and take pride
in helping to build an innovative industry in their own backyard.

Their quality of life was improved immeasurably as they were suddenly able to find a satisfying local job
that could support their family and give them a chance to remain in their hometown.

Only the most resilient natural materials, including wool, silk, linen, and bamboo, are carefully
selected for all our carpets, thus assuring a product with exquisite features and world-renowned quality.

The company takes pride in the craftsmen of Northeastern Thailand, whose expertise derives
from a culture of weaving combined with years of training, experience and continuous improvements.
They are highly skilled in line drawing, tufting and carving our carpets.
Excellence is our trademark and trust is our currency.

Our product range is comprehensive, incorporating dramatic contemporary and trusted traditional rug designs
as well as custom made patterns for wall-to-wall carpets. The superiority of our indoor and
outdoor carpets is found in the hand tufting, machine tufting and hand weaving. Carpet Maker has served
a diverse customer base drawn from top fashion brands, residential settings, private yachts and jets,
royal residences and palaces to large hotel projects.


Throughout our carpet journey, a commitment to continuous improvement always takes priority.
Every step is reflected in our philosophy,
“We measure success by our employees’ quality of life and our customer’s delight.”